Questyle M12i Mobile Headphone Amplifier with DAC

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M12i Mobile Headphone Amplifier with DAC

At the 2024 CES exhibition, Questyle unveiled the second-generation Mobile Headphone Amplifier with DAC M12i. Following the success of the first-generation M12, which has been sold out in tens of thousands of units, the M12i also features high-performance audio signal processing. It breaks through the limitations of integrated audio circuits in phones in terms of technology, cost, and size. With Questyle's unique Current Mode Amplification paired with the ESS flagship USB DAC chip, it allows users to fully enjoy lossless audio content from streaming platforms with traditional HiFi headphones, ensuring the best audio experience.



Apple MFi Certified for Guaranteed Performance and Compatibility

The "i" in M12i indicates that it has been certified by Apple MFi. MFi certification ensures perfect support for iPhone/iPad and seamless integration into the Apple ecosystem. It complies with Apple's stringent requirements for external devices in terms of power consumption and compatibility, avoiding the risk of damage to phones and systems from arbitrary USB device pairings.



SIP Current Mode Patent Independent Headphone Amplifier, Low Power Consumption, and Strong Driving Force Works for Extended Periods at High Volume

Questyle 's exclusive patented "Current Mode" amplifier technology is the fundamental hardware that sets Questyle apart from other terminals. As the "engine" of the headphone system, the amplifier has a crucial impact on sound quality. Thanks to the independently developed Current Mode amplification module, unlike similar products that use operational amplifier (op-amp) chips for amplification, the M12i is not constrained by the power limitations of op-amp chips. It has ultra-low distortion of 0.0003% and extremely high current output capability. Thanks to the patented Current Mode amplification and the use of TOREX 's efficient power management system, it features high performance and low-power consumption. Hence, it lowers the risks of overheating or interruptions in case of a long use.


Questyle M12i internal components diagram


Full Compatibility for True Lossless Enjoyment

During development, Questyle Labs conducted extensive testing and targeted optimization for M12i's compatibility with mainstream smartphones and tablets. It managed to achieve high compatibility with iOS, HarmonyOS, and Android versions 5.1 and above. As for PC apps, it supports Windows 10 version 18.3 and above (driver-free) and Mac OS. As a result, Hi-Fi headphone users can fully enjoy lossless audio content from streaming platforms anytime, anywhere.



Smart Impedance Matching

Unlocking the Full Potential of Headphones When headphones are plugged into the M12i, the built-in smart impedance detection system automatically identifies the headphone impedance and adapts accordingly, much like an automatic transmission in a car. Upon detecting the insertion of headphones, M12i instantly activates working mode, recognizing and configuring the corresponding gain for the connected headphones. When the gain light is illuminated, a single indicator represents low gain, suitable for low-impedance headphones, avoiding overdriving. Dual red indicators represent high gain, providing sufficient drive for high-impedance headphones. If M12i is connected as a mobile DAC to Hi-Fi systems, active speakers, etc., it will automatically switch to high-level output, providing sufficient support for Hi-Fi audio systems.

In the box
IN THE BOXM12i Mobile Headphone Amplifier with DAC, USB Type-C to Type-C Cable, USB Type-C to Type-A Cable, Warranty Card, User Manual
Size61.8mm x 27.2mm x 12mm
MaterialCNC machined aluminum
DACESS flagship USB DAC chip ES9281AC
Frequency Response±0.1dB (20Hz-20kHz)
Android phones and tabletsAndroid 5.0 and above
Output Power
OUTPUT POWERRL=16Ω, Po=19mW, RL=32Ω, Po=21mW, RL=300Ω, Po=11.97mW, Vout(Max)=1.895Vrms
DSDDSD64(1Bit 2.8MHz) , DSD128(1Bit 5.6MHz), DSD256(1Bit 11.2MHz), DSD512(1Bit 22.4MHz)
PCM44.1kHz – 384kHz (16/24/32Bit)
Apple computerMac OS
Apple cellphoneiOS (You need to buy an OTG cable for Lightning to USB-C)
PCWin10 1803 and above

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