The sound of crickets and birds chirping in your yard is fine but why not rock out to The Beatles and The Byrds instead. Trutone has many amazing speakers for your backyard from Paradigm, Tannoy and SoundCast with pricing to suit almost any budget.

SoundCast offers two completely wireless speaker systems that operate on a rechargeable battery. Playback time is up to 10 hours on a single charge an you can place the speaker wherever the action is happening. Place on close to the pool when everyone is cooling off in the hot haxy afternoon and then carry it over to your outdoor dining area for beautiful music to accompany your family barbecue. When the day is done simply bring it into home and plug it in to recharge for the next day of fun. Best of all it is not limited to your backyard. You can take it to the beach or the cottage too. Should one not be enough, you can buy multiple SoundCast systems and then they will all work in concert with each other.

Should a permanent year round outdoor speaker system be more to your liking then you may want to treat yourself to Paradigm. This fine Canadian company offers speakers housed in casings designed to be left outside in any season, including our wonderful winters. Available in both white and black these speakers can be affixed to the exterior of you home, pool house, garage or even trees. Paradigm's Rock speakers look like rocks and can be placed in your landscaped areas discreetly and still sound spectacular. These speakers are meant to be heard and not seen.

Tannoy, a Scottish company specializing in sound reinforcement, brings their unique dual concentric technology to bear on the challenge of filling your backyard while not annoying your neighbours. While a little pricier than Paradigm, these speakers offer premium musical performance for the outdoor audiophile. Originally developed over a half century ago, dual concentric speakers from Tannoy adorn many places you have been including, but not limited to, Pearson International and every hotel/casino in Las Vegas. When it comes to cutting through the din of such environments no one outdoes Tannoy. For this reason it is the finest in outdoor audio performance.