Films, music, and ambiance: we understand what makes life worth living. Music & Movies in every room

All rooms, all access! This means we are able to provide any room with open access to any of your media and home audio systems.

Convenience and design.

Discreet Design! We design each of our exclusive installations to suit your property's space. No unsightly speakers, just totally discreet performance.

Want more? Your Cable box can be centrally located and distributed to all TVs in your home in full HD, you can access your CCTV, CDs, Blue-rays, & DVDs in an instant. And, our advanced music systems can find your music from anywhere, including CDs and iTunes.

Just press play! Our intuitive touch screen interfaces and SMART technologies can turn on your TV and start all of your in-built audio systems.

And My Collection?

How about storing all of your Blu-ray discs, DVDs and CDs in high-definition on one central server. With a simple, easy-to-use interface all you need to do is simply browse through your library to find exactly what you're looking for. If your collection is really big, Trutone can import them onto your system ready for you to use.

The power of choice

Now imagine a multi-room music system where you can access over 25,000 internet radio stations comprising all types of genres and tastes. What's more, you can play different music in each of your rooms or the same song in multiple rooms for an extra special party! You can even stream multiple music services. How cool is that!

Speak to our experts, to book a demonstration or Contact Us just to learn more.