Experience the difference

With today's television technology, the colour saturation, contrast, and black levels have reached a point where the picture quality is as clear as real life. We can't really show you the incredible sharpness, contrast and color here so you'll have to visit our store if you want the full experience before taking it back home.

With UltraHD, you can almost feel it and touch it, it is like true perfection of nature crafted with care and engineered to challenge your reality. So, if you are buying the best, why not getting the best out of it?

Our expert calibration technicians go way beyond factory picture modes. They make sure your TV is properly installed to match your lifestyle and also calibrate your TV to give you the best experience, adjusting the software and controls to your viewing environment, so you will always have the best picture quality unfolding before your eyes.

No more watching, have a viewing experience!

There's a huge difference between watching daytime news in a room flooded with light and cozying up in front of a movie in the dark. Our eyes constantly adjust automatically to lighting conditions without us noticing. At Trutone we know that human vision is a showcase for nature's effortless perfection. It is our ultimate challenge to bring you this experience, and our experienced technicians will give you just that!

Our calibration technicians understand that true performance lies in the perfection of the finest detail. Through meticulous ISF calibration they get the best picture to the very last pixel to achieve the ideal balance of shadow and light. From the very brightest star, to the deepest, darkest night, we make sure your eyes don't miss a thing.

We've designed our showrooms to be more like living-room environments so you really get a sense how the viewing experience will impact your home. Speak to one of our experts or simply visit us to see the Trutone difference!