It takes an Artist to Produce a Masterpiece.

Let the experts at Trutone Electronics can create a work of art just for you.

The Sum Is Greater Than Its Parts

Every component of your hifi system is of equal importance. Starting with your audio sources it is imperative that the turntable, media streamer, CD or BluRay player be capable of delivering performance that meets or exceeds your expectations. The sound coming from the source cannot be improved upon by your amp or speakers and for this reason, allow ample room in your budget for premium audio sources.

Once you have your source you’ll need to amplify the signal and choose from an array of integrated amplifiers, pre-amplifiers, and power amps to further your quest for Hi-Fi in your home. Trutone carries a full range that we are certain will meet your musical and budgetary requirements.

Speaker wire and interconnect cables must be chosen with a view to extracting the most performance from your components and delivering the signal with the least loss to you loudspeakers.

If you’ve made good choices to this point you will get great sound from a plethora of speakers whether they’re bookshelf or floor standing models. A well put together systems of audio components and cables will be certain to extract a more musically engaging experience from the widest range of loudspeakers.


Technology more than a century old has been reborn as music lovers search for better sound. It’s not just the cartrige and stylus, but the platter, tonearm, plinth and motor that bear much consideration. With premium record players from Rega and Pro-Ject Audio, Trutone has you covered.

Audio Sources

The most important components in determining how you stereo will sound are your sources. The best turntable, CD player, Media Streamer or BluRay player will pay enourmous dividends as the signal flows downstream into your amplifier and onwards to your speakers. Choosing a source that is not accurately reproducing your music will handicap the audio performance of every other component in your system.

Our complete selection of Hi Fi sources include highly respected brands such as Naim, Bryston, Arcam, Anthem, Rega, Pro-ject and Marantz. We will demonstrate to you how starting from the source will can show you how the source is the most integral part of any true high fidelity audio system.

Digital Audio

All digital audio products do not sound the same! Just as CD players can vary in the quality of music reproduction, so do digital audio players. With DAC’s and Media Streamers at every price level you owe it to yourself to experience them in store. With our expertise, you’re certain to find the best option for your audio system.


Whether it’s a distributed audio system throughout your home, a theatre for your love of cinema, or destined for your dedicated listening room. With a selection of in-wall, bookshelf, invisible, outdoor and tower speakers, Trutone has a speaker that is suited for any situation.


A great amplifier allows your audio system to deliver finesse, detail and dynamics. That’s why people love the HiFi stereo systems that we create with Bryston, Naim, Arcam and Anthem at their core. All watts are not created equal and your ears will agree when you hear what we have to offer.

Power Conditioners

You want to protect your audio and video components from damaging surges, but good a power conditioner can actually improve the performance of your equipment. We carry a full selection of power conditioners from trusted brands like Panamax, Surgex and Torus.


Cables maintain the integrity of the signals that travel their length. This is certainly not an easy task to perform and that is why there are cables at every price level. Every cable, from HDMI to speaker wire is available to help ou get the most from your stereo or home theatre.

Claim Your Space

The Importance of properly preparing your listening space.

Your room and the placement of your speakers and components within that space are of paramount importance. There are tried and true ways to configure your room for better sound performance. A room that has been properly treated to reduce audio reflective surfaces, and standing waves that will deliver succinct and accurate sound regardless of the equipment you select. These industry standards for speaker placement will deliver musical quality akin to that experienced by the engineers who recorded it. We’re here to assist you with our longstanding expertise in maximizing you audio system’s potential.

You cannot create a symphony without a conductor

Trutone Electronics will guide you to the perfect harmony

Would you pay to attend a symphony where there was no conductor? I would imagine you wouldn’t even though the players on the stage would remain the same there would be no one whose expertise could make the whole clearly exceed the sum of it’s parts. Even the finest violinists, cellists and pianists truly need the guiding hand of an expert conductor if they are to perform to harmonic perfection.

Similarly, you may have acquired an exquisite array of electronics such as turntable, CD player, music streamer, amplifier and speakers but you too need an expert to bring it all together and make it sing. Visit Trutone Electronics today to hear the difference a professionally orchestrated can make in one of our dedicated audio listening rooms.

Contact us to schedule a personal meeting with our experts and you too can experience harmonic perfection in your home.