MITMAT 300mm Turntable Platter Mat

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MITMAT 300mm Turntable Platter Mat

  • The 3 mm platter mat  is completely flat for maximum contact with the platter and ideal for most tonearm setups, replacing stock mats between 2-5 mm.The 3 mm thickness will have minimal, if any, affect on the Vertical Tracking Angle (VTA).
  • The 300 mm* MitMat diameter carries LP’s around their outer lip and around the label ridge, providing  superb support and protection during play. No spindle/centre weight is needed.
  • No label recess ensures the MitMat is consistent in thickness through the crucial label/spindle area, ensuring equally consistent resonance damping across the entire surface of the mat.
  • The microcell technology not only absorbs but also spreads the tremendous localized vibrational energy from the stylus/groove interaction uniformly across the entire mat without peaks/and valleys, down into the platter where the excess vibrational energy is “drained away” as heat.
  • The material is also highly effective in reducing static


"So in use, the Mitmat is a pleasure.  The low-frequency rumble that’s always there in the background was meaningfully reduced. And with that decrease in rumble came increased definition in the low end." - Sound Stage Ultra

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