TANNOY iW 6TDC combines Tannoy’s latest 165 mm (6.50”) Dual Concentric driver

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Stepping up the iW range into very high performance models, the iW 6 TDC combines Tannoy’s latest 165 mm (6.50”) Dual Concentric driver with an auxiliary super tweeter for full-bandwidth response right out to over 51kHz. Set within the proven iW series ABS chassis, the Dual features a bespoke cone material chosen for it linear response and wide dynamic range, along with a 25 mm (1.00”) titanium dome tweeter set in the throat of the main driver. The SuperTweeter is derived straight from Tannoy’s high-end hi-fi designs, and is built on a second high efficiency 25mm (1.00”) titanium dome HF unit.

Robustly built and capable of withstanding long term high volume playback, the iW 6 TDC can handle 180Watt programme material and 360Watt peaks. With its high efficiency design (91dB/Watt) this gives an average maximum SPL of 110dB and the capability to produce 116dB peaks. The design not only improves the dynamic and energy of the sound but can reduce the number of in-wall speakers required in larger room installations. The iW 6 TDC is fitted with a front mounted HF energy switch allowing fine tuning of the HF output by +/-1.5dB.

The iW 6 TDC uses six of Tannoy’s innovative self aligning clamps, designed to allow an extremely secure fit into the wall cavity without the risk of distorting the speaker baffle. The gold plated spring terminals are accompanied by Tannoy’s unique additional terminal for grounding the driver chassis to the amplifier. This reduces RF in the system, which can reduce the potential for hum and improve sound quality.

The iW 6 TDC is a high performance in-wall loudspeaker that leverages Tannoy’s legendary technology and sound quality in an easy to install format. Supplied with a white paintable grille and comprehensive fitting instructions, the iW 6 TDC is Tannoy’s ultimate small format in-wall loudspeaker.

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