TANNOY iW 62TDC flagship in-wall speaker in the iW series

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The iW 62 TDC is Tannoy flagship in-wall speaker in the iW series, combining the abilities and performances of the latest Dual Concentric driver technology, a SuperTweer and an auxiliary bass driver for extended low frequency response. Using a large format chassis built from UV stabilized ABS, the iW 62 TDC leverages the performance of the class-leading iW 6 TDC and adds a second 165 mm (6.50”) bass driver for astounding bass response down to 35Hz.

Solidly built and capable of withstanding continuous 120Watts RMS power handling and short term peaks up to four times that power, the iW 6 TDC’s high efficiency design (92dB/Watt) means it is capable of exceptional high peak SPL and outstanding dynamic range. For fine tuning the speaker performance to the room a front mounted switch gives +/- 1.5dB adjustment on the HF output energy.

High-end features include the ability to bi-wire or bi-amplify the iW 62 TDC for peak audio performance using the dual pairs of gold plated spring terminals and Tannoy’s unique fifth terminal to ground the driver chassis. This reduces RF in the system, which can reduce the potential for hum and improve sound quality. Eight of Tannoy’s unique self-aligning clamps are used to fit the iW 62 TDC rigidly into the wall cavity, creating a solid and stable platform for the drivers.

The iW 62 TDC is a genuine full range in-wall loudspeaker with a linear response from 34Hz to 51kHz, and Tannoy’s renowned sound quality. Ideally suited to larger to larger installations where higher power output is required, the iW 6 TDC offers premium performance for home theatre or multi-room distributed audio systems. Supplied with a white paintable grille and comprehensive fitting instructions, the iW 62 TDC is Tannoy’s flagship iW series in-wall loudspeaker.


System Type In-wall loudspeaker
Frequency Response (1) 70Hz - 51kHz ( /-3dB)
Low Frequency Alignment (2) 34Hz (-6dB)
Recommended Amplifier Power 20 - 210W @ 8 Ohms
Power Handling (3) Average: 105W Programme: 210W Peak: 420W
Sensitivity 2.38 Volts @ 1 metre (1) Anechoic: 92dB Half space: 95dB
Maximum SPL @ 1 metre (4)Average: 112dB Peak: 118dB
Impedance 8 Ohms
Dispersion 90 degrees
Driver Complement SuperTweeter™: 25mm (1.00”) titanium dome Dual Concentric™: 165mm (6.50”) Bass driver: 165mm (6.50”)
Frequency 750Hz, 1.8kHz, 16kHz
Type Passive
Maximum SPL (4) 107dB
Wattage Tap Selections60, 30, 15, 7.5 Watts
Finish White - paintable
Connectors Gold plated spring terminals
Cut-out Dimensions (H x W) 426.10 x 187.60mm (16.76 x 7.39")
Rec. in-wall Mounting Volume 30 litres (1.1 cu.ft.)
Mounting Depth 99mm (3.89”)
Accessories Pre-installation ring Back can Back can with 60 Watt transformer

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