SOUNDCAST ICT111a iCast Wireless Audio Transmitter and Charger Dock for iPhone /iPod /iPod Touch

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Transmit your music wirelessly for up to 300 feet from your iPhone/iPod while charging your device.

  • Long-range, CD quality interference-free wireless transmission to OutCast speakers
  • Auxiliary input / output connection to all smart phones, iPods, tablets, PCs or Macs
  • Compatible with Whole House Audio Systems
  • Docks and charges any Apple® iPod or iPhone*
  • *iPhone 5 and newer models compatible with Lightning 30-pin to Lightning adaptor cable.

Take full advantage of all iPhone, iPod and iPod Touch music and enjoy it where you want to. With iCast's auxiliary input/output feature you can connect to an existing amplifier, home theater receiver or powered speakers to enjoy music both indoors and outdoors simultaneously.

The iCast wireless transmitter is tailored to the needs of the Apple device owner as it is specifically made to dock, transmit and charge any Apple wireless phone/music device easily and affordably. 

Soundcast's superior wireless technology performs magic as it transmits interference-free* through walls, floors, doors and ceilings. 

The entire family will enjoy listening to personal music anywhere, and anytime with iCast. 


TECHNOLOGY: Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) 40-Ch wireless protocol, Interference-Free 2.4 GHz system

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