Rega Intro Turntable

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The new Rega Planar Intro has a number of common features with the award winning Planar 1, here for a limited time at an amazing price!!


A matte black finish and a slightly lighter platter are the main difference between Planar 1 and Intro. Otherwise, the player is almost identical to the best budget turntable on the market!

With a new lightweight plinth, the Intro continues Rega's proven product philosophy with the least possible weight and mass.

The player comes pre-assembled with the Rega Carbon cartridge.

The new RB-Intro arm has newly developed bearings that provide minimal friction and ensure optimal tracking properties. The arm is assembled by hand to ensure quality production. Combined with a new counterweight and automatic anti-skating adjustment, the player is very easy to set up. 

The platter is made of an extremely hard material (Phenolic Resin) with its center of gravity at the outer edge which, in combination with a new 24 Volt motor, provides accurate tracking stability.

There is no better value TT in the market today!!


  • RB-Intro tonearm with new brass bearing for less friction
  • Phenolic Resin platter
  • High quality 24 Volt motor
  • Lightweight and rigid laminated plinth
  • Rega Carbon MM cartridge with replaceable stylus
  • Manual speed selection between 33 and 45 rpm.
  • Rega sound quality at a very attractive price
  • Handmade in England

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