NAD C558 Belt Driven Turntable with Ortofon OM10 Cartridge

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  • Belt Driven Turntable 33/45
  • 10mm Glass Plater with Felt Pad
  • Precision AC Motor
  • Isolated AC Power Supply with Universal Voltage
  • 9” Tonearm with Fixed Head Shell
  • Ortofon OM10 Cartridge Preinsatalled
  • Vertical Tracking Angle and Azimuth Adjustment
  • Rigid MDF Plinth with Rubber Isolation Feet
  • Low Resonance Dustcover
  • Detachable High Quality RCA Cable with separate Ground


NAD Electronics has a long history of offering high performance turntables at unbelievably great prices. We continually strive for that sweet spot where you get 90% of the ultimate available performance for only 10% of the price. A product that critical listeners can applaud for its musical quality, and one that almost anybody can afford. This is the NAD C 558.



While most of the world has focused on digital technology, there has been a quiet revolution of understanding and refinement in the analogue turntable design. On the one hand the task is very simple; spin the platter at precisely 33.3 RPM without any variation, and perfectly track the grooves of the record while giving the cartridge a solid platform that allows all the energy in the record to be translated into stylus motion of the cartridge. We don’t want the energy to ‘leak’ into vibrating the tonearm or the platter; we want it all to become pure musical energy bursting forth from your speakers.

To this end we use a sophisticated power supply that transforms the AC alternating voltage of your wall socket into a pure DC voltage. We then regenerate the DC voltage into a precise AC voltage that powers a precision clock motor to achieve nearly perfect speed consistency and smoothness. The motor is isolated from noise and voltage fluctuations that occur in the raw unfiltered AC mains that can cause instability in the motor. The motor uses a specially developed rubber belt that is flat ground for precision and drives a non-resonant sub platter that is also precisely machined for smooth rotation. This sits in a brass bearing with a hardened steel shaft. All of these parts are carefully developed to work together to provide a remarkably stable and precise rotation of the disc.

Our tonearm also offers a similar level of careful engineering and development. At 9” long it offers low tracking distortion while maintaining rigidity and low mass required to stabilize the cartridge. By allowing VTF and Azimuth adjustment we get precise tracking with low distortion and record wear.

The glass platter and massive plinth combine to extract all the energy from the disc while isolating unwanted external vibrations.




The plinth is solid MDF, not the particle board or plastic typically found at this price, and is CNC machined for precision. Our dustcover, too, is heavier than most and made from a non-resonant Perspex with a counter-sprung hinge design that allows the cover to remain in almost any intermediate position from open to closed.




Listening to vinyl records is an immersive experience. You become as involved in the process as you do in the listening. To a much greater degree than with digital sources, vinyl playback requires solid mechanical precision to extract the music from the medium. A properly played record is a fantastic and rewarding experience, and the NAD C 558 has everything you need to get maximum enjoyment with minimal fuss and expense.

Nominal speed33/45 rpm, manual speed change
(78 rpm possible with special pulley)
Speed variance33rpm: ± < 0.50%, 45rpm: ± < 0.45%
Wow and flutter33rpm: ± < 0.15%, 45rpm: ± < 0.15%
Signal to noiseS/N Ratio (mechanical noise): - 40 dB
S/N Ration (electrical noise): -68 dB
Downforce range0 - 30 mN
0 - 3.0 grams
Supplied counterweight systemCounterweight (black) → for cartridges 5 - 12 g
Effective tonearm mass9.5 g
Effective tonearm lenght230 mm
Overhang18 mm
Power consumption5 W max/ 0.3W standby
VoltageUniversal swith mode power supply
15 V DC/0,8 A, 100-240 V AC, 47 - 63Hz
Dimensions and Weight
Dimensions17 1/8 x 13 3/8 x 4 59/64” (435 x 340 x 125mm)
Net Weight5,5 kg (turntable) - 1,74 kg (platter)
Shipping Weight8 kg
Ortofon OM 10 cartridge
Frequency range20-22.000Hz
Channel separation22dB/1kHz
Output voltage4mV
Recommended load impedance47kohms/amplifier connection – MM-input
Compliance/stylus type20µm/mN – elliptical
Recommended tracking force15mN

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