Focal SUB 600P Closed Subwoofer - Black

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Closed Subwoofer

Designed by Focal engineers for both Hi-Fi listening and Home Cinema use, the Sub 600P subwoofer completes your audio installation by providing a deep, impactful and controlled bass. Combined with your Home Cinema system, its power offers an even more sensational and realistic immersion.

Its Class D 600-watt amplifier supplies a 1113/16” (30cm) diameter Polyflex speaker driver, a heavier, more rigid cone promoting high power handling. Its closed design allows any interference noise to be avoided, reproducing the original sound signal as faithfully as possible.

Finally, with its High Gloss black finish front panel, its brushed MDF cabinet body and its magnetic grille, the Sub 600P is a modern and discrete addition to your listening room.

Key points

  • Closed subwoofer for faithful reproduction of bass frequencies
  • 600-watt class-D amplifier
  • Polyflex cone: perfect bass impact
TypeActive closed subwoofer
Speaker driver12" (30cm) Polyflex woofer
Frequency response at -6dB26Hz
Frequency response (+/-3dB)) 28Hz–270Hz
RCA inputRight, left LFE
Crossover frequencyVariable 40Hz-200Hz (LFE)
Phase adjustmentPhase inverter 0°/180°
Power modesAutoStandby enable/disable
Amplifier power600W Dynamic (300W RMS)
Dimensions (HxWxD)153/4″x153/4″x163/4″
Weight46.3lbs (21kg)

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