Control4 HALO TOUCH Remote with 3.2" Color Interface

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Halo Touch includes a large 3.2” touch interface, beautiful aluminum body, and the most frequently used backlit buttons to deliver a premium remote control that elevates the smart living experience and the aesthetic of any space.

  • Available in Black or Silver, the brushed aluminum body brings a premium look and feel
  • Full color 3.2″ LCD screen provides a touch interface for the selection and control of devices, media, favorites, automations, and menu options
  • Redesigned user interface includes quick access to Favorites, and a lock screen (dismissed by swiping up) to avoid unintended button presses
  • A full set of the most important backlit buttons including the d-pad and all transport controls
  • When needed, soft numeric buttons can be accessed through the touch interface

The All New Control4 HALO Series Voice Remotes

Control4 Halo remotes include a host of user-driven features including backlit buttons, voice-control, WiFi 2.4 and 5GHz support, and a redesigned UI with new interaction options, and updates for the Watch, Listen, and Lights experiences. Halo remotes also include end-user install capabilities, and OvrC integration that reports battery life and Wi-Fi connectivity data. All those powerful features come packaged in an elegant form that elevates any space and is perfect for any customer, from tech-lovers to the novice.

User Experience Reimagined

Simply put, the Halo family is a generational leap to a user experience that transcends the rest.

  • Intelligent remote capable of media browsing, device control and scene selection for AV, lighting, comfort, and security
  • Full complement of backlit buttons for easy and intuitive single-handed use in the dark
  • WiFi Strength increased 3-5x over Neeo and supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands
  • New Voice button dynamically functions as a Siri Remote for Apple TV or Xfinity Voice Remote for the Xfinity boxes
  • Ultra-low power processor for extended battery life
  • If asleep, a button press will wake Halo and execute the command

Innovative Voice Control with a Dynamic Duo

No longer do you need to keep those old, manufacturer’s voice remote controls laying around.

Halo and Halo Touch feature a new dynamic Voice Button so you can control AppleTV and Xfinity devices with the power of your voice. When Apple TV is the selected source, push-to-talk for Siri. When watching Xfinity, push-to-talk for Xfinity Voice Remote.

Remote with a Personal Touch

The Halo family of remotes take it to the next level with thoughtful additions that provide a premium experience.

Custom hard buttons include digital labels so you don’t have to remember.

An innovative Color Shortcut Button provides streamlined access to the red, green, blue, and yellow (RGBY) buttons for AV devices, or can be programmed to execute personalized automated scenes. And never lose the remote again with the “find remote” function that can be accessed from a Control4 Touchscreen, the Control4 App, or voice command.


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