Arcam SOLO BAR and SOLO SUB Soundbar and Subwoofer

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  • So Much Better

    Soundbars are the ideal solution for people who want to improve on the mediocre sound quality of modern TVs. Unfortunately, many standard soundbar solutions are engineered to a price and a size that limits the level of improvement possible.

    They may be better and louder than a standard flat screen TV, but they fall short when it comes to reproducing music and movie soundtracks to a level of quality that really draws you into the heart of the drama. Arcam can call upon a twenty year pedigree of producing some of the world’s best AV systems to deliver sound that is natural, detailed and faithful.

  • So Versatile

    The Solo bar doesn’t just heighten the audio experience of watching TV. Arcam’s superb engineering means it can also be used as a high quality stereo system all over the house.

    So, whether you’re watching a movie in the lounge, or enjoying music with family and friends in the kitchen or dining room, Arcam gives you the best of both worlds. You can connect it to a variety of sources including a set-top box or a games console, and also stream music from your phone or tablet. The Solo bar can be mounted on a wall using the bracket provided or placed on a shelf or furniture where it can rest on the non-slip feet.

  • So Connective

    The Solo bar incorporates a host of connection options. It has 4 HDMI inputs and one HDMI output as well as an optical and a coax input for other digital sources.

    It also offers a Bluetooth aptX receiver as well a facility to rebroadcast signals to Bluetooth enabled headphones. If your TV offers ARC (Audio Return Channel) then you can use your TV’s remote control to control the Solo bar’s volume.

  • So Controllable

    The Solo bar has dedicated iOS and Android control apps that control the product and they also replicate the Solo bar’s display. The Solo bar also comes with a simple and stylish remote control that gives you access to all modes.

    The Solo bar comes with a row of buttons that offers volume control and input switching as well as a standby button for those times when you can’t locate the remote. There are also three pre-configured audio modes: STEREO, MOVIE and CONCERT.

  • So Compatible

    The Solo bar is one of very few soundbars that is compatible with 4K video sources. It is also compatible with lossless HD audio formats from Dolby & DTS which makes it a great choice for those who want to enjoy High Definition audio.

    The latest generation TVs now offer 4K video and offer Ultra High Definition from streaming services like Netflix. If you have a Smart TV, Set top box or a PVR that only outputs digital audio via optical then you can connect it to the optical input of the Solo bar. Analogue sources can be connected to the 3.5 mm input.

The Solo bar and Solo sub are designed to offer unrivalled performance and class leading specifications. Extremely rigid materials and high quality construction methods have been incorporated into both products to prevent and dispel resonance, which can colour and distort the sound.

The Solo bar offers decoding of all current HD audio formats to ensure that absolutely no sonic detail is lost. The Solo bar features six drive units and 100 watts of amplification to provide high quality, room-filling sound.

The Solo sub features a 300 watt amplifier and a downward firing 10" woofer for added low frequency power and scale. It can be connected wirelessly or wired to the Solo bar. The Solo sub also can be used in association with more complex AV systems, for example Arcam’s class-leading AVR450 & AVR750.

Solo Bar Specifications
Driver units4 x 4" + 2 x 1"
DimensionsW1104 x H129 x D112mm
Weight 6.4kg
Solo Sub Specifications
Driver units1 x 10"
DimensionsW310 x H430 x D310mm
BAR - DrawingDownload
BAR - User ManualDownload
SUB - User ManualDownload

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